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​3480 440th Street

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Our Mission

    At ORGANIC EARTH SYSTEMS™, our mission is simple: to provide non toxic fertilizers.

    The origins and foundations of OES™ are crop and livestock production. However, because of our core goal - to provide consumers with safe, nutritious, and affordable food - OES™ offers services to the other sectors of the Agriculture industries, yet focuses on the same core goals -- to decrease chemical dependency, to diminish the need for genetic manipulations, to preserve the family farm, and ultimately to provide a nutritious, high-quality, affordable food source to consumers. 

Our Pledge

    "We here at ORGANIC EARTH SYSTEMS™ , pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention." 

    Organic Earth Systems™ creates leading-edge solutions where technology works in synergy with nature. Over 30 years ago, our founders began helping farmers improve their crops by revitalizing and nurturing the soil.

    Today, that tradition lives on. At OES™, we research, develop, and use the most advanced sciences’ while working in harmony with nature.The company has grown to include food production, water optimization, aquaculture cleansing, turf management, and agricultural education for our members. Of course, nature itself is perfect, but in this imperfect world, Organic Earth Systems™ strives to do our part in protecting and preserving the environment, production agriculture, and the world's food and water supplies.