For Livestock Producers, we recommend patented NU-FORCE® Stray Voltage/Static Reducers.  They are maintenance-free products designed to be used directly in water lines to both revitalize the water at the molecular level, reduce Stray Voltage and to increase water’s energy-carrying capability.

NU-FORCE® Stray Voltage/Static Reducers are designed to meet the water capacity needs for many agriculture, livestock, personal and commercial uses.  

we are here to provide proven organic solutions to residential & Commercial applicators:

  • lawn care providers
  • landscapes businesses
  • tree and flower nurseries
  • turf specialists
  • homeowners
  • municipalities
  • state & county parks

"With recent advances in social media, never before in history have consumers become so aware of their health and diet....consumers are extremely concerned over what farmers are doing & using to grow their crops and livestock that is going into their diets.......they are socially aware and have a loud voice and do not want what is being forced upon them...."

we are also here to provide expert advice and technical assistance with proven organic products to famers, ranchers & other agriculture managers:

  • field crops
  • dairy producers
  • livestock producers
    • cattle
    • hogs
    • poultry
      • chickens
      • turkeys
    • equine
  • aquaculture, ponds & small lakes
  • vineyards & orchards
  • vegetable producers & truck farms

"While each organic component that we recommend works extremely well by itself; for best results, use restructured water. Re-structured water acts as a lynch-pin maximizing the effectiveness of the biology until it is delivered to its destination whether that is animal, plant, human or other organism."

It is important to understand that water is the first limiting factor in livestock production. Water needs to be balanced, even more so than feed diets. A balanced feed diet can actually be ineffective without the proper water quality. At Organic Earth Systems, we work with our producers to analyze and adjust their water to obtain optimum mineral and ph levels. Water and feed intake go hand-in-hand to produce optimum livestock performance and health.

Our health can be greatly improved buy the type of water we drink.  Its just as important to your plants and growing as it is to you.  

We sell NU-FORCE® Re-structured water units that can be applied right to your main water line in your house or operation.  

They can also be on a garden house as well as an irrigation line.